All you wanted to know about 1900 calories a day!

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I was with my friend yesterday, and we were discussing calories. He was arguing with me that you cannot sustain for long on a 1900 calorie diet while also keeping your muscles. There will be muscle loss, he said. But I had to disagree with him, as I always do respectfully (we fight a lot btw). So I decided to search all about it and write my findings here. Here is what I found.

All you wanted to know about 1900 calories a day

Yes, you can definitely sustain on a 1900 calorie diet. What you need to understand is the concept of calories and your daily calorie requirement. The daily calorie need varies from person to person and is dependent on a lot of factors.[1] There is also a need to measure your macros correctly. If you want to sustain your muscles, eat a substantial amount of protein, and exercise daily.[2]

That was the short version. But, if you want to go into details — which we would 100 percent recommend— keep reading this article.

Can you consume 1900 calories per day?

Can you consume 1900 calories per day

Absolutely! In fact, 2000 calories are the standard taken by almost all companies when they measure the average consumer’s daily requirement. That’s why 2000 calories are written on almost all marketed products.[3]

An average woman requires around 2000 calories(1600-2400) per day, and the average man needs about 2000 to 3000 calories per day. [4]But, that is not the full picture. Calories vary from person to person. They depend on a lot of factors such as – your height, if you’re pregnant or not, your hormones, your age, and your activity level.[5]

A person working on a shipyard will require a lot more calories than a person sitting and doing a desk job. Similarly, an older woman would require fewer calories than a young one. A teenager requires more energy to grow and sustain his growing organs; therefore, he would require much more calories than a middle-aged man.

Here are some examples[6]:

A 30-year-old, moderately active woman would require – 2147 calories.

A light active 40-year-old middle-aged man would require – 2195 calories.

A 70-year-old tall man who does a desk job would require – 1828 calories.

As stated in the above examples— age, height, and various other factors control your calorie requirement. If you eat according to your calorie requirement, you would likely to stay healthy and live a long life. Otherwise, if you eat more than that, you will likely get obese. Eating less than that can cause issues like malnutrition and metabolic problems.[7]

What 1900 calorie diet looks like

Making a 1900 calorie meal plan is relatively easy. You can include your choicest healthy foods while keeping in line with the macros.  We have created a diet plan for you; however, you can make yourself with the help of apps like Myfitnesspal.

What 1900 calorie diet looks likeWhat 1900 calorie diet looks like 2


What 1900 calorie diet looks like 3



1900 calories macros

There are various macro estimates available for a healthy nutritional body. Some argue that 33% fat, 33% protein, and 33% carbohydrates would be a good idea. This is also the composition of macronutrients in milk, a complete food according to many[8] You could keep around that but at least take 10-35% of protein per day, and around 20-35% of fat per day.

1900 calories diet plan for weight loss

Eating 1900 calories and losing weight is definitely possible. The amount of weight you can lose on a 1900 calorie diet depends on how much you weigh currently. If you weigh around 220 lbs., you require around 2200-2500 calories based on different calorie calculations. So, if you eat 1900 calories, that’s a deficit of about 600 calories per day. That would mean that you could lose as high as 1 pound per week of your bodyweight if you kept at it.[9]

Time Weight lost
1 week 1 lbs. lost
3 weeks 3 lbs. lost
1 month 4.3 lbs. lost
12 months 51 lbs. lost


You can increase the amount of your fat loss by including exercises listed in the article here.

So, up to now, you must have decided whether you want to take the 1900 calorie plan or not. So let’s talk about what you should eat while doing this diet, and what should be avoided for optimum results. We are putting out some recommended tips for you to keep this 1900 calorie diet for long.

How to do the 1900 calorie diet

How to do the 1900 calorie diet

Yes, when motivation strikes, you can surely do the 1900 calorie diet easily but as time passes there would be days when you would feel extensive cravings and want to overeat a bit as you have done in the past (presuming you are overweight). Therefore the following are a few tips to eat healthily and stay full for a long time.

·         Do intermittent fasting (1900 calories intermittent fasting)

Intermittent fasting is a better system to eat for anyone who wants to lose weight. In this plan, you eat for a while, like say 8 hours, and then, fast for the next 16 hours remaining in the day. That is why sometimes it is called a 16-8 diet. Intermittent fasting leads to— lower insulin levels[10] and reduction in weight besides[11,12] other numerous benefits. It is a healthy lifestyle that you could carry even after losing weight. There are some lovely apps to help you in your intermittent dieting – Fasthabit app[iOs, Android], Life Fasting Tracker[iOs, Android]. Do check them out and use them to your advantage.

·         Drink a lot of water or include ice in your drinks

Studies have shown that drinking water before eating your diet results in the consumption of fewer calories.[13] Drinking water also results in a higher calorie burn for at least 90 minutes.[14] You could also include ice or carbonated water in your juices to make you feel full for a long time.

·         Eat low carb, high fiber foods

Carbohydrates are the easiest source of energy for our bodies. Therefore they get digested quickly. So, it is a good idea to lower your carbohydrate amount.[15] And, even if you want to take carbohydrates, eat those who have a high amount of fiber, and are less processed. Secondly, you should include a high amount of protein in your diet. Protein is known as the most fulfilling macronutrient out there.[16] Also, you can include fat to a certain level.

1900 calories bodybuilding

1900 calories bodybuilding

Can you build your body by doing the 1900 calorie diet? Of course, you can just need to eat more protein at least one gram per pound of your body weight. Dr. Mike Russell at suggests that your macros for bodybuilding should be around 40% carbs, 30% proteins, and 30% fat.

He goes on to say that you should also take different macronutrients at different times. After an early-morning workout, you should take high carbs and low-fat meals. These will fulfill you and restore your depleted glycogen levels. After that, for the whole day, keep increasing the protein amount and reduce fast-acting carbs (highly processed once). Also, increase the number of vegetables for the remaining part of the day.[17]

Lots of testimonies are there on Reddit for low-calorie diets and bodybuilding so you can check them out also.


Hayden low calorie bodybuilding
Credits to u/hayden_iys on Reddit
low calorie cutting bodybuilding
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How to check whether you are gaining muscles are not.

You can check using body callipers is available in the market, and they should be plenty enough to make a proper assessment of whether you are gaining muscles are not. Here is a video to teach you how exactly you need to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1900 calories a day too much?

Absolutely not! Although some people do very-low-calorie diets like 1000 calories or 1200 calorie or 1400 calories per day, those diets have a big problem – they cannot be continued for a long time—also, the lack of macronutrients that sustain your body.[18] And, sometimes, doing these diets can lead to lesser weight loss than compared to a healthy diets like the 1900-calorie or 2000-calorie diets. So, 1900 calories is not much, and if your calorie requirement per day is at around 2500 calories, you could lose at least a pound a week.

Is 1900 calories too little? Are they enough for an adult man?

Yes, they are enough, and btw 1900 calories are not too little. In case this question is about gaining muscles, you can certainly gain muscles at 1900 calorie with the right amount of protein (about 1 to 1.5 g per pound of bodyweight).[19] If you do not find high protein sources in your diet, you can include proteins like whey protein isolate/soy protein/plant-based proteins et cetera.


Yes, 1900 calories are enough for a man or woman. The need is to distribute your food and micronutrients to the right parts of the day. In 1900 calorie plan can completely provide you the required amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates to sustain your body as well as to maintain your muscles. You can include processes like intermittent fasting and eating moderate carb diets to facilitate your process. And, lastly, nothing can change without taking action.

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