How to lose weight if you are 370 pounds (lbs)

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I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 10, and it has been tough for me. Hence, I tried a lot of methods and became fascinated with the concept of losing weight. I have been fat for a long time. I still am. So, I know and understand how it feels when you are fat. Hence, after reading so many blogs and surfing so many answers, I am pretty sure I can help you out.

How to lose weight if you are 370 pounds


I weigh 370 pounds! how do I lose weight? There are several ways to achieve such a feat. Firstly you need to reduce the number of calories that you eat. Then, you have to add in some exercise to your daily plan. Any activity would suffice, but I would recommend that you start with a simple exercise like walking for 5 minutes to 10 minutes each day. You can also take the help of various equipment available in the market.

Weight loss is a complex subject and its not easy to understand it entirely without reading sufficient resources. Here we have created this small resource post to help in your out. Do read the article completely and share it if you can.

The right mindset

The right mindset to lose weight

Having the right thoughts plays a pivotal role in weight loss.[1]

If you want to lose weight, you have to strive hard, and you have to make some compromises with your daily routine. You have to prepare yourself for harder times in the coming days as you are on a path of thorns.

But, once you prepare yourself, it will get much easier with time. This is extremely necessary because without feeling uncomfortable, you are not going to lose weight.

Are you prepared? Yes? Then, let’s get started.

Understanding weight loss

i weigh 380 pounds and want to lose weight

The human body is like a working car. The more (fuel) you put in, the more it will run. But there is a big difference. A car will not take more fuel than it requires and can use all the fuel stored without needing a refill. On the other hand, a human body can take fuel and save it for use in uncertain times (scarcity). That’s why we get fat.[2]

Our fuel which comes from our food gets stored in our body. This is due to evolution as we have evolved from a species living in jungles a life of constant wanderers. As we evolved, our lifestyle has evolved, and our work has reduced. Now we don’t need to walk 15 miles to get water or to grind grains to get a loaf of bread.

Our overall work has evolved due to modern technology and a connected civilization. But our body has not changed. So, we keep storing our food as fat, and that’s why we get fat. [3] Therefore, the need arises to understand the mechanism of this storage.

The concept of calories

The energy we take from food which is stored as fat is counted in calories. There is a healthy limit of calories for each person based on his height and age. The base value, i.e., the basal metabolic rate is the minimum amount of calories required for the basic function of the main organs like kidneys, heart, liver, etc.[4]

But, even the most inactive person does work over this rate. Hence, all the formulas for total energy required/exemption(TDEE) are calculated by adding a factor to the BMR. This factor is based on the activity of the person concerned.

TDEE is the number that you should eat if you want to remain at the same weight. If you want to lose weight, you should eat below that. Going over this limit will cause a weight gain. [5] Understood? Let’s talk about how much you should eat each day.

How many calories do you need in a day?

How many calories do you need in a day

A person with 6 feet height and 370 lbs weight requires around 3000 calories to maintain his weight.[6] Here are some more weight to height combinations.

Age Height Weight TDEE Work level
28 5′ 2” 370 lbs 3033 Sedentary
28 5′ 4” 370 lbs 3071 Sedentary
28 5′ 6” 370 lbs 3109 Sedentary
28 5′ 8” 370 lbs 3147 Sedentary
28 5′ 10” 370 lbs 3185 Sedentary
28 6′ 370 lbs 3224 Sedentary
28 6′ 2” 370 lbs 3262 Sedentary
28 6′ 4” 370 lbs 3300 Sedentary

Reducing your calories by a lot like up to just 750/800 calories per day can have serious harmful effects, but if you eat it around 1200 to 1600 calories, that will make a serious deficit without harming your body at all.[6]

Our body needs nutrients and vitamins daily. These come mainly from the food we eat. If you are not taking any other vitamin supplements, it is advisable to figure out your nutrient sources before starting any diet.

So, by how much should you cut down on your calorie intake? How much can you reduce in a day? Let’s look one by one.

How much weight can you lose by reducing calories?

woman, body, slender

We have prepared a chart for or you to see how much you could lose by just cutting calories. So, if you eat 2000 calories a day, you are going to reduce your calorie intake by 1000 calories and therefore lose almost 200 grams per day in body fat. Similarly, there are a list of calorie consumption and their results in the chart below.

TDEE You eat Deficit per day lost per day(in gms)
3000 2500 500 66.66666667
3000 2000 1000 133.3333333
3000 1800 1200 160
3000 1600 1400 186.6666667
3000 1400 1600 213.3333333
3000 1200 1800 240

The 370 lbs diet plan

In this diet plan, I have chosen a diet plan lots of fruits and vegetables so that you can feel full while eating a low amount of calories. With this diet plan, you can almost add/subtract anything but make sure that your calorie count should be smaller than 1500-2000 calories.

Originally posted here[7]

Using apps in calorie calculation

apps for weight loss

Several apps can help you in calorie counting as well as creating a meal plan. We recommend the app myfitnesspal because it has a large variety of foods available, and you can quickly scan and add foods in seconds.

It is available for both IOS and Android devices, and there is a free plan, so you don’t have to purchase anything for using it.

Adding exercise to reduce further weight

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Daily exercise is highly relevant in the modern world of mostly sitting and office work. Everyone should do amounts of exercise every day to keep yourself healthy and well for a long time.[8]

But, for losing weight, such a huge weight like the 370 lbs we are exercise is essential. The patient can not only eat more by exercising but can lose more weight also. The easiest form of exercise that we recommend for you is walking.

With walking, you can lose serious weight without having too much effort. Check out the chart below of how much weight you can lose just by walking for 5 minutes or 10 minutes 30 minutes being a 370 pounds person.

Age Height Weight Walking minutes Calories burned
28 5′ 10” 370 lbs 5 37
28 5′ 10” 370 lbs 10 74
28 5′ 10” 370 lbs 15 111
28 5′ 10” 370 lbs 30 221

Besides exercise, you can just be more active during the day and lose a lot of weight. Check out the list below that you what you can do during the day to lose 50 to 100 calories without even thinking about it.

Activity Weight Minutes Calories burned
Bathing(while standing) 370 lbs 15 42
Hairstyling 370 lbs 15 63
Mopping 370 lbs 15 105
lite cleaning 370 lbs 15 63
Vacuuming 370 lbs 15 105
Making your bed 370 lbs 15 42

We have also compiled a list of equipment to help you shed some extra fat cells.

Equipment that help in exercise

  • Treadmill

The first one is quite obvious. It is the treadmill. You can buy a treadmill online and get started with it. It helps you in walking during the day and night without having to go outside. You can check them out here, and they can last with you for 5 to 10 years without any issues.

  • Air Cycles

Then there are air cycles. Remember, cycling loses twice as much weight as walking. So, cycling can be a great option to add in some extra calorie-burning efforts to your lifestyle. Some good air cycles are listed here.

  • Dumbells

Anyone starting bodybuilding knows dumbbells, and even if you don’t know what they are, you must have seen them in gyms and elsewhere. They are quite useful for muscle building, especially your arms’. You can lose around 100 calories per 30 minutes, and that’s why great. So dumbbells could be a great option. You can check out this basic pair available for quite cheap on Amazon.

  • Deskcycle
Deskcycle for weight loss
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desk cycles are in a new type of exercise equipment for those who spend most of their time sitting on a desk. This way, you can peddle while you work and lose some extra calories. I found this one working for a 370 lbs plus man.

At last, let’s sum it all up.

Summing up

Understanding the concept of weight loss can help you in making the right plans for your journey and elevate your dependence on various premium diet plans that claim to fix everything without explaining anything. Make a diet plan on your own based on cutting calories and add in some form of exercise like walking for a few minutes every day. This is how you can quickly lose weight.

Yes, 370 lbs is a huge number, and you would not lose this in a few days, but it’s not rocket science. You will start losing a small amount every day. This can change your life for good. So start stiving and start making a change.

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